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A business’s brand design is not to be taken too lightly, it’s what represents your company, so the look has to be right and aimed at your correct target audience. There are hundred’s, if not thousands of online companies selling logo design at sub £100 prices, but do these designs really portrey your company as much as you would like to? An organic clothing company, Wild Clover realized this, and got in touch with me to brand their new business.

Wild Clover, an organic clothing company were starting out, and in need of a logo design to brand the company that represented them not only as being professional, but also to place them within their desired market at the high level they expected.

Wild Clover, suppliers of top natural brand names as well as personal branded men, women and children clothing also cover organic accessories and toys for children.

Design reaction produced a number of conceptions for the company, leading to a few revisions which then came down to the final design as displayed in the portfolio page.

The logo’s minimalist design is simple and fits in with the modern organic clothing industry. With simple graphic shapes making up a suggestion of a clover, clean style font and two tone earth colours, all aspects work in harmony. Green is a colour ideally used to represent natural elements, while the grey being a secondary colour that’s not as strong as black, but clearly helps the logo stand out.

The simplicity of the design is easy for onlookers to visually notice and take into consideration, and works well across different media.

I’m looking for a logo design for my new business? I need a designer to re-vamp my current design? Are these questions that have been on your mind? Then get in touch with design reaction for a free quote, you’ll be surprised at what you can afford.

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