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These days, social media networks are a part of most people’s lifestyle, it helps us keep in touch with old friends, make new friends, and read up on news for activities and interests. Not only do our very little ones know how to use social media sites, but the older generation have specifically gone out to purchase PC’s to join in on the social network phenomenon.

These social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and more, are not only a handy little tool for personal use, but businesses can utilize these as marketing communications to target audiences.

With the development of the iPhone, Android and other Smart Phones, businesses have access to their audiences direct through their pocket! Larger organizations spend not only thousands, but millions every year on marketing, and the social network angle is one which is currently dominating. Social networking to promote your business is very much time consuming, which is why there are businesses out there who will do all this for you, at a price.

As you can see from my site, I am a graphic and web designer, and I specialize in providing design services to new and small businesses. The aim of my blog is to release news of current work I am doing, and also this, providing you, new and small business owners, with tips and tricks on how to get your business up and running, what works, what doesn’t, reviews and problems I have come across and more importantly today, ways on how to promote your business.

Larger organizations on social media networks

Like I said above, larger organizations are putting a lot of money into social media networking. Why? Because they have done their market research, and have calculated that what they spend time and money on, they can make it back and more. So my point to this is, and not only relates to social networking, but marketing your business in general also is, keep an eye on the bigger companies, what are they doing? how many large companies are doing so? does it work? does it work for you?

Obviously, new and small businesses don’t have the budget larger companies do, but they’ve done the research, so take a note on their findings, and test the water. Apart from nationwide TV advertising, what does Tesco, Waitrose and other supermarkets do? Discounts and offers on products.

If you were to sell oranges at 50p each, but cost you 10p to buy in, and sell 25 in a week, you would have made £12.50, giving you £10 profit. Now if you were to advertise a promotion “50% off oranges this week”, you may sell 100 oranges, at 25p each, giving you a total of £25, minus costs = £15 profit. A mark up of 50% from the previous week. I know these figures cannot be guaranteed, but if you were to sell only 50 oranges during the sale week, making only £7.50 profit, you may have lost out slightly, but as long as your customer service at the shop and choice/standard of products were of a satisfactory level, you have just successfully generated new returning customers.

Anyway, back to my social networking post…

design reaction on how to use social media

Businesses have successfully utilized this method to promote their brand, products and services, which is why design reaction has decided to invest some time to market the business and brand via Facebook and twitter.

What can you gain from following design reaction on twitter or liking me on Facebook? well, although the design portfolio is available here on this site, if you check out my Facebook page, you will see concepts of brand designs that were put forward to clients that were declined over preference to another, which helps give potential clients a better understanding on what they can expect to receive if they were to use my services.

With the use of Facebook settings, design reaction’s twitter account is linked up to it, so when there are new posts on the Facebook wall, twitter followers will be notified, while I will also post more short personal messages there. What kind of messages I hear you say? well, you’ll just have to follow me to find out 😉

Design reaction will soon be creating a landing screen for the Facebook page. What’s that? It means that I can put offers on my Facebook account, e.g. free logo design with a purchased website, exclusively to design reaction Facebook fan’s only.

Interested in learning more about Facebook fan page landing screens? Then pop over to another post I released for a fan page site before it was created – Mount Kilimanjaro 2011 Charity. Or just pop over to the portfolio pages to check out the final version with a link to the live site.

Well I hope this was a good read for you all and will be of use, and remember if you have any question, just get in touch or alternatively you can tweet me if you’d like.

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