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Following on from my previous blog post, I have some more shots of my Italian Photography that come from Florence, Siena and the small village of tonda in the heart of Tuscany.

During a recent stay at Castellare di Tonda in Tuscany, Italy, we traveled to visit the local landmarks to admire their beauty and attention to detail. I went fully equipped with my Digital SLR, and a full battery to capture some of the scenes. In the set below, you will find pictures of the Palazzo Pubblico and buildings in Siena, views of the tuscan fields from our farmhouse in Castellare Di Tonda and some iconic scooters lined up by the famous ponte alle grazie bridge in Florence.

I am not a professional photographer, far from it, but I enjoy the thrill of capturing a moment and freezing life in picture. And with my line of work, you never know when these images may come in handy!

The Palazzo Pubblico in Siena, Italy

A building in Siena, Italy

Tuscan fields, Castellare di Tonda, Italy

Transport of choice, Florence, Italy

As I mentioned in my last post, if you would like hi-res copies of any of the photos I publish on my blog, just get in touch. I won’t charge for use of my photos, but if you think that they may help you in a design project you are currently working on, then all I ask is that you please credit my site along with a link if possible.

Please feel free to advertise that I am offering my photography for use at no charge on my approval, whether it is on your blog, facebook page, twitter etc. I am a graphic and web designer, and I know how much it helps to have access to sources of images at low or no cost.

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