Replay Education Services re-visit »

I was recently contacted by a past client, Replay Education Services, that needed to expand their current website.

Whilst working for a previous design agency, I had the privilege of designing and building this ‘fun in education’ web site for Kathryn of Replay Education Services who needed a pleasant, professional website to promote her business.

At the time of designing the site early in 2011, Replay Education Services needed a simple site that consisted of a home page, workshop page, news page, and contact page.

The site was designed to be child friendly but with a professional touch as it would mainly be used by teachers and adults in the educational sector.

As the client needed a news page, the site was built with a CMS feature so they could log in to amend text on the current pages, and add more news pages.

With a year gone by, Replay Education Services have expanded their workshops so needed to add a couple of extra pages for each additional workshop and wanted to add an Amazon affiliate widget to the site to monetize the site.

With the site’s best interest in mind, Kathryn looked me up in Google, as I’d moved on, to make these amendments for her.

The site has now been transferred over to my server, and changes are currently in progress, and will be complete very shortly.

The site will be displayed in my portfolio soon.

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